Services Provided

We specialise in top quality overlocking of carpet for houses, boats, campervans, caravans, mobile homes, cars, etc as well as mats and rugs.

We can cut to shape and size required. These cut pieces will then be professionally edged and overlocked to prevent fraying at edges of carpet, resulting in an outstanding finish to your new rug or mat.

Do you have a rug or mat that just won’t stay still????
We can help…

Rug / Mat Grip and Rug / Mat Hold materials are also available as an excellent solution to stop rugs and mats from moving around on your main carpet or your wooden, concrete, vinyl or tiled floors.

We can professionally join carpet pieces in order to make larger mats and rugs with a tidy finish.

Perhaps Molly the cat scratched and ripped your favourite mat, or simply time took its toll on your special rug?

We also do Mat and Rug repairs to those special, valuable or sentimental pieces back to their former glory. These can include Persian rugs, or any similar unique patterned rugs and mats

We have a selection of carpet we can sell and turn into a mat for you as well as smaller mats
we have taken the guess work out of and are ready to be laid to rest on your floor.