Custom Mats and Rugs

Whether your after a new rug for your lounge, mats for your hallway, front door and bathrooms or custom sized and shaped mats for your camper or boat, we have you covered.

We will take your supplied carpet, trim it to the size or shape you require, and professionally overlock the edges to your desired colours.

Alternatively you can browse through our large stock of off cuts, short ends or pre-made mats and design your own ideal mat or rug.  Whether it be a specific shape you had in mind, or to fit around wheel arches or consoles, we can help you come up with a design that fits your needs.

Sick of your mats and rugs sliding and moving all the time and damaging your floors? We can supply and fit Back-Grip to your new custom or existing mats and rugs.
Back-Grip is a non-slip material that helps prevent your mats and rugs from sliding on hard surfaces, and even helps to stop them from moving on carpet. It also prevents damage to your polished hardwood floors.